Book Release

An Iron Age Farm

on the Coast of Northern Norway

About the Book
This book explores farm life in the Iron Age, in the coastal region of Northern Norway. 
Hardcover, 81 pages, self-published
If you would like to have a peek inside, download the free pages about 'The Introduction of Iron''.

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Download Free Pages


I've put together a PDF of some pages from the book. 

Read about the introduction and use of iron in Northern Norway. 


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About Helena

My name is Helena Hals. I am a historian and teacher, living on an island in Northern Norway, together with my husband and two dogs.

On this website, you can discover the Iron Age world of Northern Norway. Take some time to explore, and feel free to reach out to me, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Upcoming Rune Course

I am currently developing an online course!

The course is about exploring the runes and runic inscriptions from Viking Age Scandinavia. We will focus on their origin, development, and use.

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