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I've created a free PDF of pages 10 and 11 from my latest book about life on an Iron Age farm in Northern Norway. 

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About the Book

Hardcover, 81 pages, self-published

Discover life on a Norse Iron Age Farm in the Coastal Region.
This book answers questions like:
  • What resources were available in the Far North?
  • What characterized society and made it so different from the situation further south? 
  • Why were the trade relations with the S├ími of utmost importance for the chieftains to maintain their economy and power base?

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About the Author

My name is Helena Hals. I am a historian and author, with a specialization in Early Scandinavian history. For the last decade, my research focus has been on the Viking Age in Northern Norway.

Through the use of social media, online courses, and publishing, I aim to spread knowledge about Iron Age society. The book 'An Iron Age Farm' is the first book of a book series.