I'm Helena, historian and author, absolutely fascinated by nature and history.

I love conducting research and make more information available by creating books, brochures, exhibitions, online courses and more.

Originally, I come from the Netherlands. After a backpacking trip in 2008, I decided to move to the ''land of the Vikings'' for good.

Today, I live on the island Andøya in Northern Norway, together with my husband and two dogs.


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by history and nature, imagining traveling back in time and visualizing the world of the past.

Through reenactment and experimental technology, I believe, we can get to new insights - and have a lot of fun at the same time.

My Research focuses on..

During my studies, I specialized in Scandinavian history. Because of my interest in early history, I combined the disciplines of history, archaeology, religion, and linguistics.

These past years my research has narrowed in on the Iron Age of Northern Norway.

In my Free Time
I like exploring nature, go on hikes and fishing trips, and we head up to the cabin in the mountains every chance we get. 

Here on the island, the landscape is full of traces from people of the past, with many local cultural heritage sites which I love to visit.

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Online Arcticles Reviews
14 December 2020

December 2020, I was interviewed for Scandinavian ARchaeolgy by two Swedish archaeologists, Lovisa Sénby Posse (editor-in-chief) and Elfrida Östlund (associate editor). 

About Scandinavian Archaeology

Scandinavian Archaeology aims to make news, research and topics accessible to a wider public. It also functions as a platform for archaeologists, historians and more to publish their own articles and research in a fun, easy and personal manner. 

Read the interview here
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