An Iron Age Farm 

on the Coast of Northern Norway

Discover life on a Norse Iron Age Farm in the Coastal Region.

What resources were available in the Far North?

What characterized society and made it so different from the situation further south?

Why were the trade relations with the Sámi of utmost importance for the chieftains to maintain their economy and power base?

This Book... you the knowledge base to understand society and farm life in the Iron Age and lets you explore the aspects typical of the northernmost region.
Resource Utilisation

In Northern Norway, a farmer's livelihood was based on a combination of resources accumulated through foraging, hunting, trapping, husbandry, and plant cultivation. 
Norse and Sámi groups

The Iron Age of this coastal region is characterized by cultural diversity. The Sámi were an integrated part of the economic system, and this cooperation was beneficial for both parties.
Cultural Heritage 
In this book we will explore the traces of the past: the cultural heritage, artefacts and archaeological research.


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