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Viking Age Runes in Myth and Reality

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Study the Viking Runes

This online course is about exploring the runes and runic inscriptions from Viking Age Scandinavia.

Gain deeper insight in their
origin, development and use in Viking society.

With the help of worksheets, we will also practice together to increase your skills in
transliteration and translation of inscriptions.
From a historian's perspective

After this course you will have accurate knowledge based on the latest research from the fields of history, archaeology and linguistics.

Origin and development

How did the runes came to be? Understand the story behind the origin and linguistic development of the runes.

The Inscriptions

 Understand the background of the runic inscriptions. With the help of worksheets, we practice with transliteration and translation.

Mythical level

What does mythology tell us of Viking Age runes? Learn how to intepret the references to runes in the myths and sagas.

My Story

My name is Helena Hals. I am a historian and author, and live on a small island in Northern Norway, together with my husband and two dogs.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by history and nature, imagining travelling back in time and visualising the world of the past.

​During my studies at the universities of Groningen, Oslo and Tromsø, I specialized in Scandinavian history. Because of my interest in early history, I combined the disciplines of history, archaeology and religion. 

Through the use of social media, online courses and publishing, I aim to spread knowledge about Iron Age society. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions, or feedback!